Kaunas Town Hall

June 12th – September 30th

Building Kaunas. S. Lukošius photography exhibition

On June 12th exhibition Building Kaunas was opened in the Kaunas Town Hall. This event ends a three part series of exhibitions dedicated to presenting the heritage of Stanislovas Lukošius (1906-1997) photographs from the Kaunas City Museum Funds. In most Stanislovas Lukošius’ photography, the changing city is in the spotlight. 1950 – 1970 was the time of intensive development and formation, when the city acquired the present metropolitan face with its prominent infrastructure and accents: new residential and industrial areas, hydropower plant, bridges and squares.


An exceptional feature of S. Lukošius’s historical photos, for which we must be grateful to him, is capturing the area before the upcoming changes or already in the process of renovation, demolition. Perhaps because of the desire to capture the images of the fast, permanent change, perhaps because of the desire to show the problems of street reconstruction and housing, but it is also possible due to the daily observation of how fast moving buildings, spaces, techniques and people, which he conveyed with a distinctive aesthetic conception, his photographs are valued by contemporary art historians. At the epicenter of selected photographs short-term collapse and construction moments between the past and the future are seen as well as the rapidly changing city. A poster with promises from the Communist Party program and fluttering flags rising on the background of clouds, cracking logs and crumbs, scattered around the smell of tar cast on the road … Somewhere here, the viewers should catch themselves in a different and remarkably similar city marked by a sign of change.

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