Kaunas Town Hall

2018 May 19th – July 5th

Mushroom City: Kaunas?!

“In this small country we won’t see mountains. We don’t get much sun rays. Winters are wet, and spring is always late. A lot of people decide to run away to West. They go. Sometimes they come back, but rarely. We feel that we are missing something. What if through this city and its station we would build new connection? We would let rabble trains to West Europe. We have a great opportunity to paint something new in this location. Something never tried before: mushrooms building. That’s right, it might sound funny, but our climate is very favourable for mushrooms: humidity, one or other colder summer – its all they need to grow everywhere. If they can be happy here, so why we wouldn’t be like that?”

Architect Joris Šykovas introduces idea for Kaunas – train station reconstruction, when experimental mushrooms’ biostructure would be used for building’s development and surrounding area regeneration. Train station is symbolic place, where everything is changing, there is inner and outer migration. It is also part of European railway, physically connecting countries. This building experienced a lot of transformations and by autocentrical urban planning was pulled back away central city part. Its appearance is still reminding about to Lithuania imposed architectural forms. This project’s, presented by Kaunas city museum, main goal is architecture, that inspire to look at buildings like live organisms.

Architecture, that invites to think, what is the meaning of fast and convenient transportation with country and continent for the city. Architecture, that invites to interest and visit Kaunas, and maybe stay here. In this exhibition you can see Kaunas railway station and surrounding areas’ vision, based on city development analysis. In the project theoretical mushrooms (micellar) structure usage for Kaunas is presented, creating exceptional cleanliness, sustainability and country image based on architectural courage. During the exhibition it will be possible to watch mushrooms growing process.

Exhibition is open from May 19th to July 5th at Kaunas city museum’s Kaunas hall department.

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