Address: A. Mackevičiaus St. 27

from 2 to 15 people

Duration: 1 hour

Guided tour “Kaunas–Vilnius: Moving Mountains”

Intended for adult visitors



Groups of schoolchildren: 2 € per person

Adult visitors – 4 € per person; university students, people who have reached retirement age, and people with disabilities are all entitled to a 50% discount (free of charge for accompanying persons)

About the tour


The exhibition’s rather cryptic title – “Kaunas–Vilnius: Moving Mountains” – does little to illuminate its content, wouldn’t you agree? So what is this exhibition actually about? We invite you take a guided tour with the same title, in which you will learn how Lithuania’s two largest cities interact with each other. There are many visible and invisible processes at play between these cities: competition, rivalry, migration, exchange, gravitation, the search for autonomy and distinctiveness. We will examine the culture and social life of these two cities; search for their similarities and differences through the prisms of art, art history, cultural history and anthropology; explore what it means to be a citizen of Kaunas or Vilnius, what kind of relationship citizens have with their own city and the other one, and what their attitude is towards themselves and towards the other city’s inhabitants; discuss the myths, stereotypes, and complexes arising from the interaction between the two cities; and look for a common ground between Kaunas and Vilnius. As Mykolas Römeris once wrote: “Just as Kaunas without Vilnius, Vilnius without Kaunas would both be doomed to a caricatured existence. Vilnius and Kaunas need each other, and they complement each other” (Diary, 1920-1921).


Additional information


The guided tour can be adapted for school pupils in forms 10–12 and can also be conducted in English (please let us know upon booking).


How to book?


Bookings for guided tours and educational activities can be made by phone (+370 610 82 503) or by email (


Guided tours are available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 11:00–17:00; on Thursdays and Fridays between 12:00–20:00; and on Saturdays and Sundays between 12:00–18:00.

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