Folk Music Branch

March 2nd – December 7th


In the Folk Music Branch of the Kaunas City Museum (L. Zamenhofo Str. 4), folk dance evenings take place, which attracts many people of different ages and skills. We invite you to participate, no matter you can or you can’t dance and you have a partner or you don’t.


In Kaunas, dance and song evenings have been organized since the end of the 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s. At that time, ethnography clubs were established, which organized ethnographic expeditions and folk evenings afterwards, during which club members taught others the songs, games, and dances that they had learnt from the people living in the countryside.


When the folk evenings were banned by the KGB, they were still organized, just secretly. The evenings organized for the hikers were particularly lively; this way, with the help of hikers, ethnography enthusiasts popularized Lithuanian songs and dances. Later on, folklore ensembles were established, which influenced the “Singing Revolution.”


Nowadays everyone can dance and learn to dance Lithuanian traditional dances. We invite you to dance lessons and dance evenings that have been organized for more than a decade in the very heart of the city, in the Old Town, in L. Zamenhofo Street.


Here you will indulge in polka, waltz, quadrille, and various dances typical of the Lithuanian countryside. You will dance to live music.


At 18:00 – dance lesson

At 19:00 – dance evening


Entrance fee: 1 euro. The ticket can be purchased at the ticket office of the Museum (L. Zamenhofo Street 12) before the event.

Other dates of the event:
2020-03-13 Traditional Dances by Kankles Music (Kankles Music Festival “Kankles in My Hands”)
2020-03-30 (instead of April 6th because of Big Week at that time)

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