Kaunas Town Hall

February 19th – March 29th


“Obsessions” is a personal exhibition by Inga Linevičiūtė about a contemporary lifestyle: duties, habits, and (un)pleasures. Hand-drawn animations reflect the situations which testify addiction to social networks, identity loss, identification, and power. Using humour and symbolism, the artist interprets and creates stories about the modern person’s prison, i.e. his/her obsessions.


The exhibition introduces a series of drawings and animations, exploring the relationship between reality and the virtual world, inspirations, and obsessions. The artist asks what is real and what is not. Is the world created in the cyberspace inspiring or more damaging? Is this meaningful?


The creative process itself is marked by searching, when situations are deconstructed, and certain motives are selected for further narrative development. Through fragmentation and creative searching, the narrative unfolds in the process, and a medium for artistic expression as well as new meanings are created.


Inga Linevičiūtė is a Lithuanian artist who lives and works in Copenhagen. After graduating from Kaunas Art Gymnasium, Inga studied fine arts at the University of Central Lancashire, and later digital art at Camberwell College of the Arts and University of the Arts London in the United Kingdom. Inga’s works have been exhibited at the  Institute of Contemporary Arts in London (ICA), Liverpool Biennial, Contemporary Art Centre “The Exchange“ in Cornwall, “The Hanover Project“ in Preston, the Contemporary Art Center “Den Frie” in Copenhagen, and in Lithuania: the Gallery “Vartai,“ VMU Art Gallery 101, the Castle Branch of the Kaunas City Museum, etc. In her works, Inga creates absurd stories inspired by consumerism, popular culture, social exclusion, and folklore.


The exhibition is organized by Inga Linevičiūtė


The exhibition will be open at Kaunas Town Hall (Rotušės Sq. 15) from February 19th until March 29th

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