Kaunas Town Hall

Until September 13th


Kaunas was Lithuania’s temporary capital only for two decades, in 1919-1940; however, Kaunas not only expanded considerably during this period but also formed a unique image.


It is unique that after the Lithuanian capital Vilnius had been occupied by the Bolsheviks and later by the Polish, and the temporary government of Lithuania was transferred to the second-largest city, Kaunas, it started changing almost overnight: its territory expanded, the number of residents increased, the largest industrial and commercial companies were establishing, and buildings, blocks, and complexes were built. Nevertheless, or maybe most importantly, there were many particularly bright personalities under these conditions, who created and improved the image of the temporary capital and interwar Lithuania.


In this temporary exhibition, you are invited to analyse the identity signs of the city entrenched during the temporary capital period and to focus on seven phrases inherent in contemporary Kaunas (Kaunas as a Lithuanian city; Kaunas as a student city; Kaunas as an enterprising city; Kaunas as a basketball city; Kaunas as a temporary capital; Kaunas as a green city; and Kaunas as a modernist city). During the Year of the Temporary Capital, one can reconsider not only the past, which influenced the appearance of these phrases, but also about the present.


The exhibition is open at Kaunas Town Hall (Rotušės sq. 15).


Curator: dr. Inga Puidokienė

Creative team:

Lina Mikalkėnaitė

Rokas Sinkevičius

Simonas Jazavita


Architects: Justinas Dūdėnas and Jurgis Dagelis

Design: Akvilė Paukštytė


In collaboration with:

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