Kaunas Town Hall

February 14th – March 20th

New Arrival: Lithuanian Passport

Upon arriving to the museum, a new exhibit has a long way to go before it is ready to meet our visitors. To shorten this path, museologists begin to periodically display the latest and most interesting exhibit of our museum.


This time we present a Lithuanian passport dated 1930, which was obtained from Kaunas resident Bronislava Masaitienė in January, 2019. The passport was held by her mom, Ona Poškaitė. It is interesting in the sense that it contains a stamp indicating that Ona voted in Seimas elections on June 9-10, 1936. For comparison, a German passport dated 1917 is provided.


See our “New Arrival” until March 20th at Kaunas Town Hall (Rotušės a. 15).

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