Kaunas Castle

June 4th – July 10th


In the Castle Branch of Kaunas City Museum, a personal exhibition of Virginijus Kašinskas’ ethno painting “Consciousness: Lithuanian Mythology” is open for visitors.


“Consciousness is a personal sensible perception of being and the reality. When consciousness dives into the inner world, it is referred to as self-consciousness, where the above-consciousness and sub-consciousness open up. In the works, you will see the images of above-consciousness, consciousness, and sub-consciousness. In the paintings, you will note the characters of Lithuanian folklore and the images of sub-consciousness expressed by the images of the universe,” painter V. Kašinskas describes the exhibition.


About the author of the exhibition:

  • Virginijus Kašinskas was born in 1955 in Samogitia, Šilalė Region.
  • In 1987, he finished painting studies at the Vilnius Art Institute (currently, the Vilnius Academy of Arts).
  • In 1992, he became a member of Lithuanian Artists’ Association.
  • A member of the Lithuanian Ethnic Culture Society.
  • A member of the Educators’ Union of the Lithuanian Ethnic Culture.
  • In 2005, he was granted the status of an artist.
  • Virginijus Kašinskas has participated in exhibitions since 1987.
  • He has held 86 personal paintings and drawings exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad.
  • A participant of national and international painting exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad.


The exhibition will be displayed in the Castle Branch (Pilies Str. 17) until July 10.

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