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Juozas and Stasė Gruodžiai house designed by Feliksas Vizbaras and built in 1932 stands in the spacious and lush green natural abode, next to the Neris River (Salako St 18).  Composer J. Gruodis lived in this house from when he first moved in, in 1932, until his death in 1948. Together with his wife Stasė, they turned the house into their little paradise.


The museum is interesting and valuable both culturally and architecturally and in terms of landscape. The house retained its authentic look which alludes to an ornate, wooden Lithuanian manor with a high curb roof and wooden columns that decorate the entrance, a garden planted by the composer and the authentic interior of the house. The museum has two memorial rooms. One of them is J. and S. Gruodžiai living room and the other is the composer’s office.


The exhibition My Work Alone is Noble was opened at the J. Gruodis House of the Kaunas City Museum on December 19, 2014, on the eve of the 130th anniversary of J. Gruodis. The exhibition was organized in two rooms of composer’s memorial museum. More than 200 exhibits from M. and K. Petrauskai museum archives reflect the most important stages of J. Gruodis’ life and work.

The exhibition includes J. Gruodis’ family tree made by the most famous researcher of composer’s life, Professor Algirdas Jonas Ambrazas, photographs, documents, sheet music and memorial things from the period of studies at the Moscow and Leipzig Conservatories, and a particularly important and creative Yalta period. Exhibits dedicated to the acquaintance with S. Petrauskaitė-Gruodienė occupy an important place in this exhibition. They introduce visitors with creative, strong and well-rounded personality of S. Gruodienė. The exhibits include two of her eleven diaries, an unpublished story, unique figurines folded out of candy wrap, photographs, etc. An equally important part is given to the history of J. and S. Gruodžiai house and the process of turning it into museum. The design of the house created by the famous architect Feliksas Vizbaras is presented together with a garden layout drawn by J. Gruodis himself and various documents and photographs.


The second room is dedicated to the composer’s professional work at the State Theatre and Kaunas Music School which later expanded into Conservatory (the first higher education establishment for music in Lithuania). He is the first professor of composition in Lithuania, who not only founded the National School for Lithuanian Composers, but also was one of the founders and heads of Composers’ Union. Juozas Gruodis contributed heavily to raising the movement of the Song festivals and the level of musical culture in the country. The exhibition also contains the tree of Lithuanian pedagogical schools for composers compiled by Professor Gražina Daunoravičienė. It illustrates the work of J. Gruodis as a pedagogue and the first founder of composing school in Lithuania.


The part of the exhibition dedicated to composer’s music contains the list of all his works, sheet music and photographs.


At the end of the exposition you will find the composer’s most secret wishes and expectations written on the self-suggestion cards. You will be able to choose one out of sixteen written by J. Gruodis or one created by the museum employees and adapted to the modern person. And if you will not be able to find the right one, you will be able to create one of your own!

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