All those who wish to allocate 2% of their Personal Income Tax to the Kaunas City Museum under the Charity and Support law, can transfer funds to the Kaunas City Museum (company code – 300154670) account no. LT954010042500922221, located at DNB Bank (Bank Code – 40100).

How to do this through the State Tax Inspectorate system?

  • Join the STI electronic declaration system.
  • In the “declaration” section select “fill out the form.”
  • In the section of the most frequently filled out forms select “allocate aid.”
  • Fill in the form FR0512. In the field E2, where the identification number of the beneficiary must be indicated, enter the number 300154670 (it is the aid recipient’s code of Kaunas City Museum).
  • In field E4, which indicates the percentage of the aid granted, enter a number at your discretion, for example 2 % or 1 %.
  • When the form is completed, press “complete.”

If you do not have the opportunity to fill out the form online, you can fill out a paper declaration and submit it to the nearest branch of the State Tax Inspectorate.


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