Kaunas Castle

August 2nd – 31st


Mythological motives and the symbols of life and death dominate in the graphic works by young artist Alisa Rūta Stravinskaitė. The works depict interpersonal relationship and family relationship; much attention is devoted to traditions and their continuity as well as cultural heritage. The relationship between a person and his/her environment is important to the artist, and she sometimes conveys it like a dream. Particular attention is paid to the interaction between the individual and his/her national identity, the search for identity of a young person, and the possibility to choose.


As the artist created these works learning at high school, not all topics were developed consciously. According to the artist, “These works are the beginning of my personal quest for values, and at that point I had no idea where it was guiding me. I wanted to be sincere; therefore, I was choosing the topics which seemed to be important and sensitive. Everything was very natural. Later on, when I was looking through my works, I started perceiving that the boundary between life and creation is almost invisible.”


Various techniques were used and tested for the graphic works, which were chosen according to the concept of the work: etching, etching and aquatint, linen carving, dry needle, monotype, lithography, watercolour, etc.


The exhibition is open at Kaunas Castle (Pilies str. 17) from 2nd till 31st of August.

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