Kaunas City Museum – these are the three important words that describe us: we love Kaunas and its rich history; we want to explore together and find out what defines a city and how it works; we strive to create a contemporary museum which would be enjoyed by residents and guests. A museum that would not only speak of the history of Kaunas but would also tell the stories of the city experienced by us and our ancestors, heard and seen in the city square or at home, well-known and previously unheard.


By promoting all that in the five fast-updating departments, we pledge to create a space for everyone who might find Kaunas and its stories interesting:

  • For families, schoolchildren and students, city’s guests and other visitors – a space for learning, sharing, getting involved and asking questions
  • For the community – a space open to creativity, bringing together city’s communities and their civil and cultural initiatives
  • For our founder, Kaunas City Municipality – a space representing Kaunas and open to its residents
  • For investors – a space for meaningful investments
  • For our team – a space open to different opinions, initiatives, development and cooperation.

Let’s create the museum like we create the city! We are open and always ready to listen to you and hear your ideas and stories.


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