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About the Museum

Kaunas City Museum (KMM) is a space where the city’s history and culture are presented in a contemporary manner. The museum hosts events, organizes educational and community activities, has a few cafes, and offers unique souvenirs and publications, providing a quality experience for visitors.

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The origins of the Kaunas City Museum date back to 1882 when a first-rate fortress was being built in Kaunas. During construction, paleontological specimens were discovered and it was decided that they should be collected and preserved. This collection laid the foundation for the Kaunas City Museum. As the number of exhibits grew, the museum’s premises gradually became too small. In 1936, following the founding of the Cultural Museum, the Kaunas City Museum was dissolved, and its exhibits were dispersed.

In 2005, it was decided that the Kaunas City Museum ought to be re-established as a budgetary institution under the auspices of the Kaunas City Municipality. The museum opened its doors to visitors on 15 February 2008, and has gradually become a space for quality leisure and immersive exploration of the city.

The Kaunas City Museum comprises five branches: Kaunas Town Hall, Kaunas Castle, Folk Music Museum, M. and K. Petrauskas House, and Juozas Gruodis House.

Eksponatu rinkiniai:

Museum dedicated to Kaunas and all that this city embodies.

The Kaunas City Museum is a space housing stories for Kaunas, inspiring discovery, experience, and engagement.

A museum pulsating with discoveries:

  • inviting discoveries: renowned, contemporary, interesting;

  • always lively: open, accessible, encouraging creativity and sharing;

  • a model to follow: happy, innovative, professional, academic.

  • Quality and visitor satisfaction

  • Accessibility, diversity, and inclusion

  • Professionalism

  • Innovation and leadership

  • Life-long learning and development

Museum’s key performance indicators

2022 brought us much to celebrate. Nothing is more rewarding than our returning visitors leaving their warm feedback, spectacular events, improved accessibility of educational activities, successfully implemented large-scale projects, a growing circle of partners, and rising statistics.

Number of visitors across all of the museum’s branches.

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Increase in revenue since the end of 2021.

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Increase in our reach on social media.

Discover the Museum’s Branches

Work is underway to adapt the Town Hall for museum activities, including a major refurbishment of its interior spaces. 2024 will see the opening of a contemporary and modern city museum, café, exhibition pavilion, and multifunctional for events and educational activities, as well as the return of the Tourism Information Centre and wedding ceremonies.

Interaktyvi šokių ir kapelos erdvė  projekto nuotrauka

Interactive Folk Dance Museum invites you to a new interactive space, where Lithuanian folklore – traditional dances and music – is promoted through innovative means. The opportunity to explore folklore interactively encourages greater interest and pride in folk musical heritage. Both the game and the space areadapted for visitors with special needs (mobility, hearing, and visual impairments). The project was funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

Knyga Pasakojimai apie miestą ir jo žmones

The only book about Kaunas which covers the period up to 2022 is a collective work by eight authors.This uniquely designed publication which promotes history is part of the ‘Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022’ programme. The book, published in Lithuanian and English, has received considerable attention among readers, as evidenced by ongoing salesand positive reviews in public discourse.

Museum’s Partners

The Museum is not working alone in delivering its activities and achieving its goals. Without the contribution of our partners, the Museum would look very different. We thank them for their trust, support and smooth cooperation in carrying out our daily activities.