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Exhibit Collections

Kaunas City Museum’s collections evolved alongside the history of the museum as it developed. Kaunas City History Collection was started in 2007 Later, the museum’s archives were supplemented by the collections of the Folk Music Museum and the Mikas and Kipras Petrauskas House as well as with the Archaeological Findings Collection.

Exhibit Collections Platform

To search for exhibits, please visit the Lithuanian Integral Museum Information System (LIMIS).

for Projects

If you would like to use a large-format digital image(s) of the exhibit(s) stored at Kaunas City Museum in your project, please fill in the application form for the provision of large-format digital images of the exhibits stored at Kaunas City Museum.

Museum Archives

The museum’s archives are open to anyone wishing to explore and research the collections held in the museum. Please arrange your research visit in advance by filling out a request form.

Kaunas City Museum Collections

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Kaunas City History Collection

The collection, which tells the stories of Kaunas city, was founded in 2007. It consists of a wide array of exhibits including photographs, documents, prints, memorabilia, household items, communication stories, works of art, philately exhibits, numismatics exhibits, iconography, written correspondence and books. These exhibits reflect the evolution of Kaunas city and its surroundings up to the present day, as well as specific periods and personalities that were important in the city’s development.

Mikas and Kipras Petrauskas House Collection

This collection was started in 1970 It focuses on preserving the heritage linked to significant events and personalities in Lithuanian professional music. The collection is divided into separate groups, such as writings, sheet music and vinyl records, photographs, art and memorabilia. It contains valuable legacies of significant events and personalities in Lithuanian professional music, including important Lithuanian figures and those closely associated with Lithuanian professional music; Kaunas city’s professional music institutions and ensembles; Lithuanian Song Celebrations and other events.

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Folk Music Museum Collection

The first collections of the Folk Music Museum were started in 1969. The branch currently holds over 10,000 exhibits. Amongst other aspects, the collection has been compiled to reflect the following key areas of music-making: traditional and professional Lithuanian music, musical instruments, various non-professional manifestations of music-making; the socio-historical aspect of music-making, Lithuanian music-making in exile and in the diaspora; the personal aspect: musicians, folklore collectors, researchers; the technological aspect, including the history of instrument modification; transmission of musical traditions, including the educational aspect; and manifestations of Lithuanian folk music and folklore in contemporary society.

Archaeological Findings Collection

Archaeological findings have been collected in Kaunas City Museum since 2012. uring this time, the Museum’s archives have been enriched with almost 4,000 archaeological finds, reflecting the development of Kaunas city and its surroundings from the olden days to the 19th century. The museum collects complex scholarly material derived from exploratory and detailed research carried out by various scientific institutions and individual archaeologists. The oldest finds deposited in the museum’s archives date back to the period from the 5th-4th millennium BC up to the 10th century. These include various flint artefacts, sherds of striated and coarse pottery.