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Did you know that Kaunas Castle is the oldest brick castle in Lithuania? It is even older than Kaunas itself. The castle not only stood strong in defending the country against the Crusaders, but also served as a place for Lithuanian rulers to receive nobles, foreign envoys, and other distinguished guests. We have put together the colourful history of Kaunas Castle like a mosaic of different periods and invite you to explore it.
Kaunas Castle, Pilies St. 17
for 5th–8th form and 9th–10th form schoolchildren
from 4 to 25 people
45–60 min.
Groups of schoolchildren (in Lithuanian): €2 per person Groups of schoolchildren (in a foreign language): €3 per person Adults: €4 per person. 50% discount applies to children of pre-school age, students, senior citizens, and people with disabilities (free of charge for an accompanying individual) (free of charge for an accompanying individual)

About the tour

The Town Hall Square, the heart of Kaunas, holds many secrets, and the historical buildings surrounding the square will help to reveal them.

In this educational activity, you will find out where Adam Mickiewicz visited his girlfriend, where three emperors stayed, and where the ‘Little Vatican’ is located in Kaunas. Later, this knowledge will come in handy in a team orientation game in Kaunas Town Hall Square, for which you will need to use your smartphones.

This activity can be adapted for families and is also available in English and Russian.

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Tuesday to Friday 10:00–18:00, Saturday 10:00–17:00