Ladies and Gentlemen in Kaunas: Style of the Twenties and Thirties of Last Century

The exhibition invites to move to the interwar period and take a look at the outfit fashions of Kaunas citizens of that time. The resemblances and differences in clothing of the town dwellers in comparison to the world fashion are visible in the photographs collected at the funds of Kaunas city museum.


Building Kaunas. S. Lukošius photography exhibition

In most Stanislovas Lukošius' photography, the changing city is in the spotlight. 1950 - 1970 was the time of intensive development and formation, when the city acquired the present metropolitan face with its prominent infrastructure and accents: new residential and industrial areas, hydropower plant, bridges and squares.

Mikas and Kipras Petrauskas House

Kipras Petrauskas Memorial Apartment

Folk Music Branch


Kaunas Castle

Kaunas Castle

Juozas Gruodis House

The home of Juozas Gruodis

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